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commute stress free with the right gear

Andy Thousand is a man that specializes in the art of commuting stress free with the right gear. This blog depicts his experience testing one of our best selling wallets.
Written December 29, 2018 by Andy Thousand

Mule Trek Wallet for Everyday Adventures

A few days ago, I received not one Mule Trek Wallet, but two Mule Trek Wallets. These beautifully crafted, hand-made wallets came from a carry goods company called Mule.

About This Amazing Company Called Mule

Located in San Diego, California, Mule has been handcrafting slim wallets for over 20 years. During this time they’ve built a reputation of creating the most functional, durable, and well-trusted products that inspire adventure, while still being advocates of protecting the environment.

Would The Mule Trek Wallet Be Able To Meet My High Expectations?

As a commuter, avid bicyclist, and frequent traveler, I need a wallet that can meet the demands of my everyday adventures. It must be easy to use. Has to have the capacity to hold all my important items securely. And above all, slim and light to meet my minimalist tendencies.

Would both these Mule Trek Wallets live up to my high expectations, or would they disappoint me like the many wallets that came before them?

There’s only one way to find out. We have to test them under all conditions. 

Initial Impressions Of Both Versions Of The Mule Trek Wallet

On this very rare occasion, I was sitting home when suddenly a package arrived. This was very surprising, but even more shocking was what the package contained.

Inside this package were two Mule Trek Wallets. I was only expecting one. So when I saw both, it definitely made my day. Thank you so much Mule.

The First Mule Trek Wallet I Opened Was The Leather One

A few years ago I gave up on carrying leather wallets. They not only looked cheap, they never held up long to my active lifestyle. What I ended up with was a wallet made of Tyvek.

My faith in leather wallets had completely diminished, until I saw the Mule Trek Leather Wallet.

Look how beautiful the vegetable tanned leather looks on the Trek Mule Wallet.

Made from the highest grade, vegetable tanned leather that’s sourced by Mule’s internal design team, the Mule Trek Wallet looks outstanding.

Unlike cheap mass-produced wallets, the leather is soft and pliable with a consistent medium brown color. And the stitching around the edges is perfect without any excess string hanging.

But these aren’t the only features that makes this Mule Trek Wallet superb. This awesome wallet is lined with nylon that has also been carefully selected by the internal design team. And contained within this lining is a secret that makes the Mule Trek Wallet super thin.

To find out what this secret is, keep reading. We’ll not only discuss it in detail, I have a special treat included. 

Next Was The Nylon Mule Trek Wallet

The Mule Trek Nylon Wallet. Equally impressive. High quality. And also made from carefully selected material by the internal design team.

Mule Trek Wallet made out of hand-picked, water-resistant nylon.

This is essentially the same wallet as the Mule Trek leather one, just without the leather exterior. Otherwise is has the same flawless stitching. The same nylon lining. A cash pocket. The same RFID blocking security used by the military. And a mini-pen slot. The only difference is that it’s a tad bit lighter and smaller when folded.

Basically, this doesn’t make it any less of a premium wallet. Instead, it adds the benefit of a wallet that’s water-resistant for when you go on those long tough adventures away from home.

Plus, it has the same secret I mentioned earlier that we’re still not going to mention yet. But we’re getting there.

Which Mule Trek Wallet Would I Test First?

Picking between these two wallets, as to which one I was going to test first was extremely difficult. They both are very attractive. Are well made. And fold up super thin. The only difference I can see is that the Nylon Mule trek Wallet requires less care, and water-resistant.

Otherwise they’re the same wallet, and will do equally well for this review. So let’s continue on this amazing journey together with our good friend, the Mule Trek Wallet.

The Mule Trek Wallet Is Perfect For Your Everyday Adventures

During the last few days of testing, the Mule Trek Wallet has really impressed me. My new friend the Mule Trek Wallet and myself, got to spend some quality time together. Everywhere I went, the Mule Trek Wallet tagged along.

On my 10 mile, epic bicycle journey that involved Mt Everest sized hills, tornado force winds, and horrific rain, the Mule Trek Wallet hung in there.

Sitting quietly in my pocket, feeling as if it wasn’t even there, the Mule Trek Wallet kept all my personal belongings dry.

A word of caution. I’m sure that the leather version of the Mule Trek Wallet would have done the same, but just to be safe, I went with the nylon one instead. And just as Mule promised, the Wallet was completely dry despite my pants being drenched. Maybe this wallet is water-resistant after-all. What do you think?


Don’t leave yet though. This wasn’t the end of our incredible journey together.

We still had to go meet a friend at the restaurant, where all three of us bonded over coffee. That’s correct. The Mule Trek Wallet was the third occupant in the group. After-all just like it’s real life counterpart, the Mule Trek Wallet had been humble and trustworthy, endurable and bold.


If anybody knows the answer to this please let me know. But I have a hunch that I’m right.

Mule took care of me and proved to be a true faithful companion. So, to show my appreciation, I decided to bring the Mule trek wallet to one of my secret places. See, the Mule Trek Wallet isn’t the only one who’s got secrets.

This secret place is known as the grocery store. All these adventures that the Mule Trek Wallet and myself were going on was making me hungry.

I’m not sure which is more dangerous. A ride down a hill at 40 miles per hour in pouring rain, or the check-out counter at the grocery store.

The customers at the this store take their grocery shopping very serious. With a serious look on their faces. A sharp twitch of the eyes and a walk of authority, these shoppers are on a mission to get their groceries as fast as possible and get out of the store.

Under no circumstances are the lines to be held up, because some fool with an oversized wallet like George Constanza’s couldn’t get his cards out fast enough.



That’s a great question, and something I was about to find the answer to shortly. With shaky hands and sweat beading off my forehead, the Mule Trek Wallet and myself proceeded to cash out.

Just when I was about to panic, the Mule Trek Wallet came through once again.

The whole time I was panicking, the Mule Trek Wallet was holding a secret.

The Mule Trek Wallet has two side-by-side pockets holding up to 5 cards each, a cash pocket, and a mini-pen slot.

Contained within it’s nylon lining is two patented side-by-side pockets, that are capable of holding 5 cards each.

As I reached into one of these pockets to get my card, I couldn’t believe how easy it was. There was no fumbling around to find my card, and it came out without a fuss. Within seconds, I had my groceries paid for and my card back in my wallet. 

Instead of the older lady behind me bashing me on the head with her cane, she smiled and looked at me as if she wanted to clap, along with the other 20 people behind her.


The Mule trek Wallet and myself survived the most dangerous adventure we’ve been on yet.

I’m now positive that there’s no journey too big, that we both can’t conquer together.

As a matter of fact, we’re already planning a trip in the near future that involves something larger than conquering the world in Rochester, New York. 

Instead, were going to go to a place that I use to visit at least 4-5 times a year. This place is known as the city that never sleeps.

That’s right. New York City is about to get a visit from a Mule.

Or should we say a Mule Trek Wallet?

I’m not sure exactly when this journey will happen, but I’ll keep you posted as the time gets near.


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