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After two and a half months of traveling through the harsh (but indescribably beautiful) Patagonian climate, we wanted to end our adventure somewhere warmer. I had some friends at Surf Expedition in Costa Rica, so we decided to visit and explore the beaches and jungle of one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. Anyone who loves wildlife, waterfalls, coastlines and rice and beans must add CR to their bucket list.

Taylor Burk Mule Wallets Jungle Costa Rica


We practiced our (nonexistent) surf skills in the Pacific, while hermit crabs and iguanas watched from the shores. The waves were perfect and the water was like a bath. After getting pitted repeatedly, we took our 4x4 from Nomad America and cruised up the coast and inland into the jungle to see some wildlife and explore some waterfalls. We saw sloths, monkeys, turtles, poison dart frogs, macaws, lizards, blue morphos and the largest population of American crocodiles in the world, just to name a few. We were able to have the tallest waterfall in the country to ourselves, deep in the mountainous cloud forests amongst volcanoes. We ate great food—casados are the classic dish in CR—and slept under the stars in our rooftop tent. Rugged, lush perfection.


Taylor Burk Costa Rica Mule Wallets Camping on Beach


Although Costa Rica is gorgeous and full of happy, helpful people, there is still quite a bit of petty crime and tourists have been known to have belongings stolen from time to time. Our Mule wallets were great for keeping our money and important documents safe and discrete, so we could enjoy the freedom of roaming through the jungle and countryside worry-free.


Taylor Burk Mule Wallets Standing on Car Surf

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