tips and tricks for loading your slim wallet

If you’ve purchased or have seen our Mule line of slim wallets, you’ll notice the designs and layouts are a bit different than most of the other wallets out there. When it comes to cards, documents, or accessories, our design team works very strategically to come up with solutions for our products that adhere to the slim and efficiency factor.

Although the products are simple enough to use, we've discovered some cool tips and tricks that can help with your wallet functionality. So we’ve made a quick list of a couple items that will help you in your every day. 


Card Stacking

The side-by-side pocket layout in wallets like the Trek, Lookout, or Caravan, allows for a different kind of card placement than the conventional "shelved" pocket. We've essentially created a single pocket that fits groups of anywhere from 4-5 cards bundled together. This provides ultimate slimness, as there's literally no material separating the cards from each other. 

The other benefit to this, due to stacking, is that the top and bottom cards become the easiest to access. We recommend placing your most used cards on the top and bottom of the stack so that it becomes a simple slide action.


Mule Trek Slim Wallet Card Stacking


Cash/Receipt Separation

In the Palm and Caravan wallets specifically, we've created a pocket divider in the main pocket compartment. This separates cash to be stored in the shallow pocket, and receipts or international bills (since they're taller), to fit in the deeper pocket. We've found that sometimes when both of these items are included in the same pocket, the tendency is to fumble around with taking cash in and out, and receipts will go flying. 



Mini Pen Pocket

In a few of our wallets there is a specific spot for a mini pen. This can be found in the Trek, Lookout, Wayfinder and Strada. The Trek and Lookout have a unique design that allows for the pen to be placed a couple of different ways. The first way would be to slide the pen in with the clip hooking on the top side of the fabric (see the image below). This method would require either catching the clip with your thumb(nail), or pinching with your fingers to remove it. We like this technique because it makes the interior of the wallet look a bit more elegant.


Mule Lookout Wallet Mini Pen Example


An alternate option would be to turn the clip so it fits in the pocket as well as the main part of the pen. Be careful if you're doing this with the Lookout, as the pocket on the right side is a bit longer than the left, so the pen may get lost in the pocket. It's recommended to use this method on the left pocket only. When this placement is used, the clip lays flat inside the wallet and doesn't interfere with the slim factor. It doesn't look as nice, but it's easy to pinch and pull and you don't have to use your thumbnail to catch the clip.


 Lookout Slim Wallet Mini Pen Example 2


Final Thoughts

For full walkthroughs on how to load your wallet properly, check out the videos we've made for each style on our YouTube channel. If you've discovered a new technique or way to use the items in your wallet, please feel free to reach out and let us know what you've come up with! 




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