why the lookout is our favorite wallet

With the launch of our new brand, we've been testing and getting feedback on all of our products. Despite enjoying every wallet for their own unique reasons, we must say the Lookout has become one of our favorites out of the lineup.

Here's why:

 The ID Window

Mule Slim Nylon Lookout Wallet


Stitched with an ultra-tight seam, your ID fits snug. The individual compartment pocket separates it from other wallet contents. Adding to its practical design is a thumb slide opening that allows for easy sliding in and out of the card. When you get a look at this pocket up close, you can see minimalism and efficient design at work. 


Mule Nylon Slim Wallet Corner LookoutPull-Tab Pocket


Mule Lookout Slim Wallet


At some point in our lives we have all had a wallet that forces us to pinch or dig our fingers into a pocket to get cards out. Not anymore. For the less accessed cards, we've built in a convenient pull tab that slides the stack of cards out, easy breezy. 


Precision Built


Mule Slim Wallets Templates for Lookout


Building Mule wallets requires ultimate precision. The nylon wallets depend upon tightly folded edges, and extra material build up is not an option. Each stitch must land in the intended position to make the wallet as functional as possible. This is a small product, so unlike sewing a jacket or bag, Mule wallets have almost no room for error. Using nine unique cutting templates, the Lookout is built with geometric patterns that fold together efficiently, like Japanese origami. 




Mule Slim Wallets Handcrafted


Having in-house manufacturing is a luxury when it comes to maintaining a high level of quality control. We are convinced our products are better because of it. The shop sounds like a hive buzzing with action. Every crafts-person has a specific duty and the team relies on each person to do their part. 

Check out the different colors in Leather and Nylon and snag one for yourself or a friend.  

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