how they’re made

what goes into making a mule

Each wallet is carefuly crafted by our team in San Diego, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail.
1. Selection

- Full hides of leather, rolls of nylon, and RFID blocking material are pulled from the shelves based on which item we are creating.

- Dies needed to cut raw goods are chosen. 

2. Cutting

- Using dies & our cutting press we cut the raw goods down to parts that we use in building our wallets.

- The parts are then passed along to the Preparation & Sewing area for the next step in the process.

3. Preparation & Sewing

- Our preparation team begins build the interior of the wallet first, glueing and folding material edges, then passing the parts over to our sewing team.

- Individual pieces are passed back and forth from our sewing team to prep team until a more complete item begins to take shape.

4. QC

- Excess threads are cut off, cleaned and burned.

- Pocket tolerances and item dimensions are checked to be sure that everything will fit as it is meant to.