materials & design

we like to think progressively


Locally and globally sourced, our leather is beautiful and sleek. It is fully vegetable tanned to avoid the chemical process, and each style and color is hand-picked by our internal design team.

The leather we choose for our wallets is durable, rugged, and robust. It ages well and develops a beautiful patina after years of use. Currently we offer 3 color schemes: black, tan, and oxblood. 


The Nylon material we chose for our wallets was done after a long and thorough process of testing, trial and error, and personal use. It has proved to hold up to every normal wallet use and more, with a long lasting lifespan. 

The material is extremely durable, resistant to water, and has a canvas-like feel that speaks rugged. We've matched the nylon to our leather colors in black, tan, and oxblood.


Mule Wallets provide the same RFID blocking security used by the US Military. Within the layers of your wallet lies a multi-metalized liner that blocks RFID signals up to 3000MHz. This tightly weaved nickel and copper liner offers total security against RFID signals even in close quarters to keep your cards and ID safe from theft.