our story

Mule is a carry goods company specialized in handcrafting slim wallets. We've been in the business for over 20 years as the same makers of the brand ALLETT, and decided to take Mule in a direction of stylish adventure.

Why the name Mule? Easy: Mules are the powerhouse work animals that you can rely on for travel, storage, and safekeep through your journeys. They're humble and trustworthy, endurable and bold. It's these traits we like to associate with and build our brand from. 


With the belief that everyone should be confident in the items they rely on most, it is our mission to create the most functional, durable, and well-trusted products while inspiring adventure and leaving a positive impact on our environment.

As outdoorists, adventurists, and urbanists, we’re constantly trying to create the best products possible for our customers, and products we would ultimately want to use in our every day. 

no scrap goes untold

Nearly every bit of material we end up with is repurposed or recycled as to not create waste, especially when handling animal product. From keychains to couches, we’re constantly thinking of new and creative ways to conserve. As advocates of protecting the environment, it is our mission to help cut down on the excessive use of resources.